Serial Investor Domain Shane Offers Serial Investor Luc Biggs His Domain

Jul 27 2013

We have nearly finished completing our little site to donate the domain name to my friend Luc Biggs.

After registering the domain shortly after meeting him and realizing he was one of the rare domainers that does well flipping domains on a daily basis,   (with no clear goal in mind), we decided to test traffic levels (1 average visitors/day) and have since verified where the web traffic is coming from (somebody else who read Elliot’s Post).

As a resident of Illinois, I am only happy to donate the domain name to Luc – the website should be finalized within the year. I have declined all interviews over the past 48 hours (DNForum, TheDomains, some guy from India) and will continue to decline from further telephone/radio interviews once the site goes LIVE.

The domain has been kept out the hands of true cybersquatters or online identities that criticize or downplay Flippers or their governance.

Handing the parents the exclusive right to Luc’s exact-match online identity on a silver platter is a rare opportunity.

Shout of thanks to whoisology for the idea and the funds to make the .99 cent purchase possible

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  1. Acro

    Shane, looks like a “Ravindra Bala” used to own but fortunately, that cybersquatter decided to drop it 😀

    Go get it before Luc Biggs puts it on Flippa or something (with a clear goal in mind.)


    “Handing the parents the exclusive right to Luc’s exact-match online identity on a silver platter is a rare opportunity”.

    The only platter he has handed it so far is Silver Elliot, not silver platter.

  3. Bob

    Shane – This is the funniest bit of domain karma/humor that I’ve seen all year! I love you man! And I mean that in the nicest possible way! Well done sir……

  4. Luc

    Just got off the phone with Buckingham Palace. They seem interested in acquiring the domain (with no clear goal in mind). Her Royal Highness will be contacting me tomorrow after her afternoon tea around 4pm.
    Also received a €2K offer earlier today for the name – but donating free of charge is the right thing to do.

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