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My First and Only Two Hand Registers In The Last Year Were…………….. and    I don’t usually hand register names.  Sure , I’ve hand registered some names for my sites because sites like this one don’t need category killer names and domainshane obviously wasn’t a very sought after name.   It’s not that I don’t think there’s money to be made, it’s that I think the only way to make “good” money to hit a hot trend early and I just don’t have the time to do it right.  Instead of wasting my time and money I just stick to aged dot coms.  But every once in a while I use a coupon and register a name. Yesterday I registered after reading Sahar’s article on Google’s new domain blocking toolbar.  I truly think this is the future of search and I can see people sharing their blocked list with other people they trust.  As groups of friends combine their list they will essential build a spam free Google.  Google is going to let users clean up the spam, wiki style.  I also see Google gathering this data and sharing, essentially creating a Google’s “most blocked” list.

As for Pole Apples. There are going to be the future of apple trees and maybe fruit in general.  Pole apples are apple trees that only get 10 feet tall and 3 feet wide.  They bare 30-50 apples each year, just enough for a family without taking up all the space of a big apple tree.  I saw my first batch on a recent “plant exploration” trip and I am sold.  I only have 30 this year because of their rarity but that will soon change and I think they sell like hotcakes. Of course being the domainer that I am, I registered the domain within seconds of seeing the pole apples. Look for me to be the pole apple king soon.

I can guarantee I will make a ton of money on these names. should make me $1 a year and PoleApple and will make me thousands and I’ll be eating the fruit of my hand regs.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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  1. Interesting to hear about pole apples. Can you ship the trees across state lines direct to customers or are you planning on selling to garden centers?

    A while back I consulted with a garden center that was growing dwarf citrus trees to serve a similar purpose. Why have a house plant or porch that just has flowers when you can have one that produces oranges, lemons, limes, etc.

    1. Terrell,
      I own garden centers and will sell them all there. As soon as I get my numbers up I can send one your way. If you would kindly send me a cow in return.

  2. LOL, wow. That’s awesome.

    MY first hand reg was, hahahaa. My first Single slut, well…. that story is not so appropriate for this blog or if my fiance ever reads this, which wouldn’t happen anyway because she couldn’t give a sh*t about my domaining really, although she acts like she does…. Maybe she does secretly give s sh*t…. maybe I should erase this…..

    Good post Shane. I want a tshirt please.

    1. @cedrick
      Interested in selling any of your plant domains? Send a list my way. I don’t do long tail or anything but dot com. I prefer not variegatedcoleus. Or and not As soon as I get my site up maybe I’ll set you up on our affiliate program for pole apples. 🙂

  3. seems like a domain you wouldn’t think would be available. I think it’s a nice pickup and the pole apples look interesting and yummy.

  4. That is excellent recognition of a couple of trends converging:
    Healthy living/eating
    Save money on food, etc.

    Maybe there will be a market for “Pole Replacement” – wonder if that is available…

  5. I tried that agriculture domain thing with WATERHONEYPEACH.COM & CHINAHONEYPEACH.COM…That’s the English translation for “SHUI MI TAO” (Chinese). In Asia-these peaches go for up to 50 bux each.(no joke) They are critiqued to be the tastiest peaches in existence.Let them expire.Maybe you’d have better luck with it Shane?

  6. i dunno Shane. looks like you wasted some reg fee here. Or you are playing it save. And hope the trend develops.

    I seen it with electric cars..One dude heavilly invest in it ..Looking at it now, I say has 10 million on his hands while just investing 15k.

    Quantum computers.. i see the investment also .. long stretch for sure… Prolly goes fine.. i just don’t see it. either such long term vision or just a no go. The renewal won’t kill ya i am sure . But i don’t see this being picked up.

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