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Shane’s 100 Domaining Tips #21 – 30

My first ten rules and second ten rules seemed to go over well so I’ll move on to my next 10. These aren’t rules but tips that have worked for me over the years. There are thousands of these types of lists but I will add my own personal thoughts (Imagine that).  I’m not a millionaire domainer but a person that makes an extra $20-$50K each year that allows me have a little extra spending money and more importantly,  build a investment portfolio that possibly could make me a millionaire domainer down the road.  In no particular order here are tips 21-30

21.  Check your spam folder.  Among all the junk and spam are legitimate emails and offers.  Whether on your site or in your email, check daily to make sure the good didn’t get thrown in the bad

22.  Read DnJournal religiously.   Carefully take in the domain sale prices to get a feeling of what is selling and for how much.  Remember though,  if sells for 1 million, it doesn’t mean that your is worth a million.

23.  Don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket.  Just because you have money from a sale or other means doesn’t mean you have to put it right back into another domain.  Remember that old saying that the good domains come when you don’t have any money?  Hold out and when that domain comes you’ll be flush.  You only get to spend it once

24.  Roll the dice every once in a while.  Let an auction begin on Sedo for less than you paid.  I find 9 times out of 10 if I feel it will fetch more than I paid, it usually does.  If it doesn’t,  then I overpaid market price and I’ve learned a lesson.  My successes have more than paid for my mistakes and they all started out at or below what I paid (not ridiculously low) .  There are advantages to waiting but if you’re like me, you’re in this business to make money selling names.  Without risk there’s no reward so take a chance every now and then and you may be pleasantly surprised.

25.  Check the number of whois checks on your domains.  Godaddy allows you to see how many people did a whois check on your domains.  It’s valuable info to see how many people actually care about each domain.  No whois checks, no interest

26.  You can still make money on Ebay. You can make a hundred to two hundred a week if you learn which names sell on ebay. It’s usually $10 a time but it’s a great way to start out and to build bank

27.  If you have a site that the CPC jumped considerably, direct your traffic to the site for the day.  I’m not saying direct to your pillow site but if you have a site that gets .25 clicks and all of a sudden one day you get an ad that is delivering $1.75 then you need to take any sites that share the same niche and create a story, banner, or ad that gets them over to the high paying ad.  It can add a few hundred extra dollars over a few days.

28.  Make your sites have a purpose. Would you come to that site?  Think of the questions that people are coming to answer when they come to your site and answer them.  Is the question, where do I find a mountain bike?  If your site is then tell them what you think are the best mountain bikes, why, and where to get them.  Of course the place to get them is the place that pays you to send them to it.

29.  If you like a product and want to sell it, contact the manufacturer or resellers about how you can work with them.  Have a product you love but they have no affiliate program?  Ask them if you can start one.  Perhaps you can take orders and they’ll direct ship.  It never hurts to ask.  You will sell more products of things you like vs trying to sell only products that have affiliate programs.

30. Hire someone to help with SEO. You can take it to a certain point and often you can take it to page one by yourself but there comes a time when you need to call in a pro.  And don’t let a pro call you,  ask around the domaining community and you’ll easily find out who the good SEO people/companies are.

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  1. your rules are great, can be overwhelming to newbies and experience domainers. so much to learn, so little time.

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