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Wednesday’s Daily Dropping Domains

There are a couple of great names on Godaddy today.   I’ve been watching for a week or so and I’ll be in for a few more dollars than it is at the time of this writing.  I don’t buy and sell 3L dot com but there is a nice one of those today as well. Godaddy loves when people forget to renew domains of this caliber.  An easy $10K for them I will be bidding on this one.  A great sounding, easy to say and spell I can’t think of anything in the world better than a free taco A poor man’s version of Retweets A 1998 domain.  It’s a wrestling move and  a “tough” name. A valid pr6 domain.  Pr6 worth a grand at least

Again, if you didn’t find the name you’re looking for try to find more

Domain Spotlight:

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