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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains

I’m going to have a post later in the day about “ecommerce”/ affiliate sites.   I’ve received dozens of emails from people that are doing these sites and I’m going to reveal what almost everyone is saying.  Many of these sites are being made from the dropped names that are available each day.  Ever wonder how much people are making?  Find out later.  Now onto the names. A PR4, DMOZ listed domain.  4 solid letters.  Registered in 1997  Has 20 bidders.   Not a huge acronym 4L guy but do like this one Want to know what kind of 5Ls I go for?  Well here you go.  I am not afraid to say I am willing to pay a lot of money for this one.  I’ve been waiting for this name a while. You would have to develop this one to really monetize the name but great Investing/Trading name A verb so people will buy this.   I think I’m going to start a new Travel channel show about me going around, rooting through people’s garbage and finding cool stuff.  The show is called, of course  “Tossed”   Evidently Marines need supplies.   Maybe a gun or a new uniform?  Just kidding, I know it’s boat stuff and a nice name If you think you can develop a dot org then this would be a nice one.  Good $2.96 CPC and lots of ads

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Just seems like may go for end user pricing, I was in a chat with a couple domainers and the one was like I will go $7000. That seems maxed out IMO.

    1. Those numbers are where I’ll be as well. I’m certainly not an end user. As a holder of stronger 5Ls than that I hope it goes very high

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