SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on August 15th, 2013

Aug 16 2013

Got up this morning and wanted to get in 8 miles so I headed out and headed east.  I found a horse trail and it took me on one of the most beautiful views I’ve had on a run in a while.  I went back to snap a photo to share with the family.  Some of the best things in life are off the path.  Places that don’t have signs or instructions on how to get there.  Places that don’t say “keep out” but also don’t say “welcome” .  Tomorrow I keep going to find out what’s beyond where I stopped. Here are today’s names.   Up for auction this week at Sedo.  Could be short for Halifax.  14 years old and in the ever liquid category.  Going to sell because the reserve is under $100  Looks like it’s back again.  Maybe this time it will sell.  This is certainly a trend on Godaddy.  Putting something up 40 times, even if it doesn’t sell.  Probably going to take a $10,000 plus bid  Pretty good letters here.  There’s a private equity firm that would love to have this one.  I will be bidding  Last year’s winner was ‘Little Jerry’.  I think he was a Tennessee Wobbler but I don’t know my chickens very well.  I have to admit, plumbers and electricians are two of the hardest services to find. This should cross $2K  Looks close now Just put up for sale at Godaddy.  Not cheap but number two ranked overall for the term on Google.  Price is more than fair IMO   Surprised this has no bidders  Great brand.  Online addicts.  Only one bidder at press time  Not really what I’m looking for but a good name for an arborist   PR5, 24,000 backlinks.  Prime for a Flippa flip

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD  The kind of 5L.coms I like.  We all know how the Internet loves lists  Hi Tech.  19 years old I have never been a fan of dashes but these certainly have value and continue to be very liquid  Pretty sure some holistic (fake medicine) person would want to have this  I like the brand.  And I like girls. My wife is a girl  Only two bidders.  It all depends on the reserve.   I figured the legal people would like this one.   I’m always trying to find them.  My wife calls me a stalker

HFAX.com14 Year Old up at auction this week.  From Fax to Halifax, so many uses.

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  1. RJ

    Actually is temporarily #2 in search..the website was down for a week..I just got it back up yesterday. Will be back to #1.

    It is also ranked in the top 10 for some niche wine varietals.


  2. John

    $12,900 for that name is too cheap. Most Brokers I know in Food & Beverage space still make very good money.
    Very little automation in those industries and no central price feeds like in stock market.
    6 figure incomes.

  3. Post author


    Obviously you haven’t seen the west side of Urbana. Lots of cool mountains and beaches. We don’t mention it much to keep the riff raff out

  4. RJ


    Buy it for $12,900 and sell it to your contacts in the industry for a mark up..or contact me to discuss any other arrangements you may have in mind..

    Thanks Shane.

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