SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on October 4th, 2013

Oct 04 2013

I had an interesting comment regarding the recent sales of info.  The commenter said “IMO the .info cash outs are happening in advance of Gtlds..people want to re-invest from .info to Gtlds“.  It really surprised me that anyone actually thinks there are domain investors raising cash to put into new gtlds.  And then to think that dot info sellers are doing anything other than selling while there is action.  You are seeing more dot info sellers because prices are good.  In order to “cash out” there has to be buyers and there are buyers right now.  But in my opinion there are buyers because they are feeling more confident investing in dot infos right now.  Confident because the prices continue to rise.  It’s no different than numerics.  The market is not absorbing these to build out and take off the market.  They are buying them in hopes of increased prices and an eventual flip.  Sellers are only selling because they can.  That was not the case last year.  Liquidity and rising prices are good for a tld and dot info is hot right now.   Here are today’s names  Not sure I’ve ever seen one  AND 47 other NNNN and LLLL.infos.   All for less than $2 a piece at press time and 7 other legal dot infos.  No reserve  The starting bid is at $10K and I must say that price is not too far off  Great brand.  Sounds like a band from the 80s  aka California Weed. No bidders  No bidders and I actually know a few people with this last name  People are seeing the prices these are fetching and starting to sell.  We’ll see how long there are buyers.  So far so good  The C for corporation always increases the value  Count me in

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Backorder Domains   Which reminds me, I need to update mine because of all the valuable domains I’ve added lately  You know I like As and this one has two  Ends early this morning Can’t think of a better word to use with the dot org Great letters. O for organization Because nobody uses the word cyber anymore A good CVCV . Not top tier IMO, but still very solid Another great brand. Sounds like it already exist The dot infos keep coming


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