SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on Sept 27th, 2013

Sep 27 2013

Had a lot of kind emails from the viewers over at Domain Sherpa yesterday.  And quite a few comments about my hat.  I have worn a visor for the last 10 years.  Everyone has a look.  Bear Bryant had his houndstooth, Tim McGraw his cowboyhat.  Me, I have my Nike visor.  I’m hoping one day they’re sponsor me.  Here are today’s names. and 38 other premium dot info domains.   Another pretty solid portfolio of dot infos that are going for less than reg fee   Geena Davis spells it this way.  Surprised it’s this low but Geena Davis doesn’t have the same pull she did.  She’s more of an archer now than an actress and it has TV in the name.  I’m guessing it will close around $200  Not particularly valuable but worth a flier if you get it cheap.  Would make a nice brand and 11 years old  Starting bid is $200 and I think it may be worth it.  Got a bid at $1500 but the owner thinks it’s still too soft.  I like the name but cars don’t have antennas anymore. But don’t let logic and reason deter you  Fantastic  Under $2oK a good deal IMO

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD)  16 years old.  I is good for incorporated or International  An upgrade for quite a few companies  Quite a few uses.  Shoes come to mind first – The .net is developed by the National Notary Association, so sell it to them as an upgrade. $2,300 Estibot, if you’re a believer.   Gloves or Romney


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  1. adam sounds like R and D
    One of those names you might have to repeat to a customer over the phone as Robert Michael David.

  2. Kassey

    Shane, maybe it’s time to change your photo used in this blog. You looked great in the video but your photo is doing a poor job in revealing your true personality.

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