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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 11th

When I first got into blogging I followed ProBlogger, John Chow, and Jeremy Shoemaker.      If you wanted to learn about Internet marketing Shoemoney was the place you wanted to go.  So it makes sense that after all these years he’s written a book.  If you want an interesting read I suggest you give it a try.  And ironically the link is not an affiliate link because I’m from Illinois and Amazon thinks people from Illinois are lepers.   Here are today’s names and the daily quote

“It’s far better to buy a wonderful domain at a fair price than a fair domain at a wonderful price.” -Shane Cultra 1994 People like old four letter stuff. Like Ken Griffey Jr 1989 Upper Deck Rookie cards Great modern name. No bidders. It’s what most kids get off on now. It used to be looking at the squiggly lines late at night on Cinemax. Now it’s how many followers they have. It’s their social high Some coding name but people are all over it Can’t go wrong with GG LLLL.coms. I own GGHD and get offers every week. It could be the HD but I thing it’s the double g’s.  I’m not sure who P is but I’m sorry to hear he’s sad.  Been sad since 1996  No bidders.  If they can sell Pizza and Sunglasses at a hut why not Books  Not valuable because of the city but because it would make a nice short brand.  15 years old   What you don’t get when you order tea down south

WordPress & Go Daddy Hosting – A Winning Combination For Your blog!  A bit of a negative name but gets an A for descriptive  Good news this is 11 years old and a PR4.  Bad news is the reserve is $1000  Quite a few things with the name Winter King.  There is a hawthorne tree with this name. Don’t say you don’t learn things here  People still smoke?  No bids.  A nice slogan for a company that rents things.  Already being used by some  No bidders.  I don’t know much about purses but if I were to guess I would rank Italian right up there at the top of the purse list  Sounds like a disease  Sounds like something they would check level of when you get a blood test  This would hit $400 on Godaddy  Typical Bitch Behavior is NOT what I would use this to represent.  NOT  Man, somebody actually forgot to renew this thing   Another great term.   “Get a little piece of the action”  Another dropping name


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