SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 14th

Sep 14 2012

Finally Friday.  Although my weekends aren’t weekends because I have to work,  I still like pretend.  My weekend is Tuesday but not many songs written about working for Tuesday.  Just doesn’t rhyme as well.  Enjoy the weekend.  Here are today’s names. I love LL.orgs and this one is nice but Wow. I’ll be curious to see if this one really changes hands. If you plan on buying this I would love you to buy it through this link. I’ll buy you a beer if you do   A mid level   $250 or so IMO This is a higher quality in my opinion. I think its worth $500 plus. Net also available   I’ve said it before.  I like domains  15 year old domain would make good ad domain, brand, or company name.  No bidders  I think I own this video game I can remember this one. Would be pretty good for selling domains Some traffic, some links, and a lot of bids   The bad letter LLL.coms keep coming.  But a bad letter is better than  most domains  And coming  6600 searches .  I’ve seen a few ladies that look like they are wearing one under their shirts   All solid letters.  Should do well  I totally misunderstood.  I thought they said study …a… broad.  I went to Germany for the girls  It’s all about local
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  1. T'was Ever Thus

    Quote: The bad letter LLL.coms keep coming. But a bad letter is better than most domains

    Why? I never understood that.

    I realize there is a market to sell to other investors, but do end users ever buy domains like XZV?


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