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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 17th

Aaron of AccidentalDomainer and I are going to try and get together again today to see how we can conquer this domain name business thing.  I figure if we get 15 minutes together we should both be millionaires in the next few months. I could be wrong.  No matter what, he’ll leave with some nice flowers for his Mom.    Here are today’s names

“All happiness depends on courage and work” At the current price it’s a steal IMO   Love the name and like all men have a thing for beautiful twins.  15 years old   A bad BUT it’s still worth more than $250 IMO   Easy build out  I have this thing for UU LLLL.coms.  I know it’s a pretty specific type but we all have our fetishes.  OK, I kinda like the double A thing too

Featured Offer! 32% Off New Products! Now through 5/28/2013!    Now that the market is rock solid the market is the next one heating up.  Love this one   No bidders. I had no idea that ravioli is made from molds.  A lot of results on Google  I think it will make a comeback eventually.  Buffet and Gates play but those are the only people I ever hear playing  I played the drums for 4 years.  I still suck  I look at this more as a brand than as the actual action   Because people care about the environment.  Not saying that it’s not important but everyone goes overboard on everything  I was in but the minimum is $300 so now I’m on the fence   Been up several times but maybe Big R will get her sold this time  Probably more value as a typo than an  A bit of a mouthful but the name describes the business pretty well  I actually think this is too generic.  Is boring IMO  Man these 5L.coms are hot

Featured Offer! $2.49. COM domains! Now through 5/14/2013!

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  1. Curious to know why you estimate be a bad brandable domain?

    It’s a one syllabe!?

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