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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 21st

Looking at Ron Jackson’s list from yesterday there were a few names that stood out. for $8500 seemed like a great buy. for $8K wasn’t too bad either.  Like many of you I wish I was was the seller for most of the names on the list.  Every time I read it I find myself quoting higher for a few days 🙂  Here are today’s names

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like. -Will Smith 14 year old domain. Speaking of 14 year olds. They certainly don’t want my input. They know everything I’ve always said I like real short domains and this certainly fits the category. The key to a great retirement and because shitty financial planning just would have the same effect This name would have been huge but Russia has cut off US adoption. Still worth $12 IMO Another one of those domains that is short, not huge value, but a good buy if you’re the only bidder. 10 years old This is a heck of buildout name. As we all know credit card leads pay well but lots of competition I honestly thought this was a real set of islands. I’ve never been real strong in Geography Doesn’t get more generic than this Tough name to spell if you’re high

Start your website with a $4.29 .COM & FREE Private Registration!  Resell SSL certs and other trust badges  One of the better LLLL.coms this week.  Great letters  I think this name will do very well.  Look around.  Our population is getting old  Sounds like a web company.  May already be  One word and IMO translates well to a web company or app  I don’t but many people do.  I like the beach

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  1. Holy Crap! for 8K is an incredble pickup. The owner should immediately contact the professional football team, the Edmonton Eskimos here is Canada. Its Warren Moon’s old team! I feel sick that I missed this one….

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