I’m Always Amazed How Many Companies Don’t Use Their Domain’s Email

Nov 29 2012

I am utterly amazed at the number of business cards I get with JohnsCarShop.com and the email is [email protected]  From the amount of times I’ve seen this you would think that setting up a custom email is harder than repairing the cars. The only possible reason I can think that they would set it up this way is they just have no idea how to set up outlook or an email account and are scared to even try.  As easy as Godaddy or hosts make it today there really is just no excuse other than to just not care.

It can’t be the price,as most hosts or registrars now offer a few free emails with their domains. For larger companies you would think that the minimal cost to give all their employees custom emails wouldn’t be a hindrance.   So it leads me to believe that the answer is that people are just scared of setting up custom emails.  They don’t even try.  All those buttons and clicky things they have to do to set it up is just not as easy as setting up a gmail email.  You and I know its a piece of cake but then again, there are many things we view as easy that seem like rocket science to the average Internet user.

When I see a domain I often think of not just the value of the domain but the value of it as a memorable email address.  Email is now one a major form of communication and you would think that they would want to tie the email to their domain and build their brand while they communicate.  But its these little things that separate the forward thinking companies and the companies that are just trying to get by each day.  Yes, I care much more that John can fix my car than John can set up email. Heck, I’m actually glad he isn’t getting more value out of his domain because I don’t want to wait to get my car fixed. I just hate to think that John or somebody in his company is not smart enough to set up an email. They can split the engine to replace the timing belt but they can’t go two links deep and set up [email protected]  Doesn’t make sense to me.

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  1. 999names

    One of the reason we use a gmail email account is the immense amount of services being offered by google for businesses. Google truly has revolutionized the “Internet” and emailing experience.

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