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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 4th

At what point do people stop calling my “part time” work a hobby.  I absolutely know that Elliot meant no harm by saying that people that domain invest in the evenings and weekends are hobbyist but how much money does one have to make to make this another job or owned company?  I admit, this comes a heavy second to my nursery business but it’s no small business in itself.   I will show a mid six figure PROFIT in 2012 and fully expect to hit $XXX,XXX in 2013.  Not sales,  but profit. That’s one hell of a hobby.  I now can make a living domain investing but why would I want to do that when I can do both?  I get to reap the rewards of both with 0 financial pressure to perform in the domain business.  A lack of pressure that allows me to make more money and share resources of the two companies.   All I am selling is how much time a person puts in to something is not how it is judged.  It’s the results.  It’s how much money did you make.   I don’t care if you do this every hour of the week unless you make bank.  If you’re working full time at this and you make less than me at my “hobby” my advice is this.  Get a job.  And again, this is nothing against Elliot, his statement was not guided at me nor was he chastising anyone.   Now on to the names and the daily quote.

When a habit begins to cost money, it’s called a hobby”  -Jewish Proverb This is already at $500 A short liquid dot com that usually go in the $400 range See above Yes, even these LNL.coms are hitting $300 plus 14 years old. I’ve given a few pearl necklaces although I wouldn’t consider myself an expert. Still think it’s worth $12. No bidders No bidders. $12 for a 14 year directory site Not fast but the fastest. Can’t get faster than that. No bidders I think Red Sox and White Sox but that would be trademark infringement wouldn’t it? A Real PR5 fashion domain. Great links if you run fashion sites A real PR7. It is going VERY cheap but I think everyone feels it won’t hold. If it did it would be worth $3K plus . A real gamble. I almost pulled the trigger

It’s a BIG Deal! 99¢* .COM from!  May have to be a little careful with but a great domain. 17 years old  C for corporation. 16 year old  Sounds like a nice story.  1 bidder  I think this will for for $100 to $150……………….just kidding Good memorable brand.  15 years old  No bidders. Good if you teach trumpet.  I guess that was pretty obvious.  13 years old. Not as obvious  Good acronym or pronounceable name  Not too shabby either Actually a first name.  Or just a plain old acronym No bids  Good email or a domain for a girl named Becky that wants to do a little video work  Health Insurance something .net  Confusing on the zero but will still do well  A HUGE issue going forward.  Deleting name so you may want to put your bid in multiple places.  It’s a cc but getting some interest

$5.99 .Com with Free Private Registration!
It's a BIG Deal! 99¢* .COM from!

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7 Replies to “SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 4th”

  1. Shane, congrats on making that much
    what area gives the highest amount towards that profit if you don’t mind me asking?
    I doubt it can be advertising on this site , or is it? affiliates etc,
    I know it’s not parking, so is it domain sales.
    If so, is this from enduser sales or a particular sales venue?

    1. Guy,

      It’s certainly the sales that give the most profit. I would say that half of the income is from sales. I only have two advertisers, and that I am proud to work with but it’s not that much per month. Wish I had more advertising but I’m not going to reach out to sell. I have an affiliate site that does very well and 5 or 6 plant sites that generate a thousand or two each as well. All the little pieces add up to a lot. The great thing is I have been reloading my portfolio with better names after each sale so I see this continuing for quite a while.

  2. “I will show a mid six figure PROFIT in 2012 and fully expect to hit $XXX,XXX in 2013.”
    Did you mean mid 5 figures profit in 2012?

  3. Shane thanks for sharing your profit stats. Congrats! I get asked all the time why I dont quit my day job, and like you I always say ‘why not do both!’ If the nature of the business allows it, go for it, its called ‘hustling’ ….Multiple Streams of Income is the way to go. Be sure that you are taking full advantage of all the tax write-offs that us Domainers are entitled to. I am seriously thinking of incorporating my Domain business soon.

  4. Shane: Thanks for sharing. It gives hope to the rest of us working to reach our individual financial goals. BTW: I reread Elliott’s post again. I agree that I seriously doubt he had you in mind as a ‘domain hobbyist.’ You made a good point about running two (or three) separate businesses, which I do. My goal is to make domaining biz #3.

  5. Hopefully a large portion of your affiliate commissions are coming from Godaddy and not Namejet as they just terminated the program.

  6. Scott,

    I already knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time. I NEVER have all my eggs in one basket. I am a businessman and smart enough to keep several income sources. It will reduce it but I’ve already been working on filling it for a few weeks now. I will say I will have to start seeking advertisers though 🙂

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