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The Magic Bullet Method of Getting More Comments to Your Blog

Every blog author on the Internet wants more comments. More response.  Most pretend that they want the comments to drive intelligent discussion but in reality they just want to their writing to be acknowledged by readers.  It’s human nature to want response but no matter how many articles you read, it comes down to the following if you hope to increase your comments.

The readers have to care about YOU.  It’s not how much you pander for comments.  Ending a post with a question is pandering.  If they want for you to hear what they are saying ,they will comment.  Don’t get this confused with liking you.  Some of the active posts may often be from people that completely disagree with the post and don’t care for your writing.  They may not like you or what you said but they will have to care enough to take the time to let you know their thoughts.

You need a regular to lead off conversation.  Every good blog has a regular.  A guy that always seems to be the first to comment and opens the floor to conversation.  I know guys that write blogs that are also their own regular.  To me it defeats the purpose and actually can backfire if that’s the only person commenting.  You probably know the regulars on most of the domaining blog.  BullS at DomainGang comes to mind. Gary is one my favorites here.  Again, human nature to want to join in and it helps when someone gets the conversation started.

Purposely leave holes in the post.  Act like you can’t remember something and readers will often fill in the gaps.  Wrong numbers, leaving out data often drives people crazy and they will comment.  Those comments then draw other comments and BAM! the conversation has started.

Controversial and Emotional.  It’s not always a good way to go but undoubtedly when you pick a side on a topic you will draw out both sides.  It can get ugly in the comment section and somebody’s feelings are going to get hurt but if you want comments, this is the old tried and true method.

Intelligent, thought out content.  Simple and obvious. The better an article the more people will chime in.  Why people expect a 5 sentence post ending in “What do YOU think?” to generate feedback.  Readers respond to time and effort.  And even more when your article saves THEM time and effort.

Hot Girls.  When all else fails. Put up a picture of a hot girl with Kate Upton achieving the best results

Or you can just keep writing and building an audience naturally…….but that’s WAY too much work.

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