SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on October 21st, 2013

Oct 21 2013


I would be lying to say I didn’t wish I was at the biggest and best domain conference today but the realities of life is that family always comes first.  It’s a super busy time for me at the nursery this week AND you guys would absolutely kill my sleeping pattern right before NY marathon. But the real reason I just can’t go is my wife made plans with her family this week.  Plans for a weekend with her Mom and sister and then be by her Moms side for chemo.  I generally don’t talk about super personal things like health of family but cancer is part of many of our lives and we all know when it comes it trumps all.  I didn’t even mention to her the fact there is a conference this week or show any desire to go, because it would be selfish.   I’ll be ready to make up for lost time at the next conference.  Besides, I have no desire to see any male domain investors in shorts.  Have a good time  Here are today’s names.  I’m pretty sure a forum of comptrollers would be the most boring forum.  But for $20 you’re getting a 1999 domain that I think you can find something better to use it for  The letters look like some association or authority type name.  Gets a little typin traffic  13 years old and no bidders.  Great name for kids diaper place, not so good for a package on the porch for an adult diaper  For that you need a generic name like Ashley Won’t you take me to……diaper town.  12 years old.  One bidder.  I like it as a brand at that price  No bidders.  I like it even more than the one above.  My martial arts name back in grade school because I cried so much  No bidders .  Sounds sexy and diseased What I would recommend for the above.  No bidders  One bidder.  8 years old.  Has a trademark as a snack so you’ll have to do something else with it.


Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD)  Wonder where that hand has been. 1996 domain  It’s just too bad most people will misspell it  A depressing name but still has value  I’m going to be careful what I say here.  I know lots of girls. I’ll just say they are different than boy brains  Over the last two days somebody has put up a ton of NNNN.coms for sale Here’s another


And finally a ton of LLLL.coms over at Flippa. Sold as a group.  Pretty sure you can divide and sell and make some money if you get it at the right price.  I’m too lazy to do go through all that work

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