SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 10th

Dec 10 2012

Hard to believe we are only two weeks out from Christmas. I haven’t done a lick of shopping so I better get on it.  I try and keep my business local but I’m not a big fan of crowds. Actually, it’s not the crowds that bother me.  It’s the cars they drive. They take up all the parking and I have to park half a mile away at every store. That and everything is picked through.  The closer it gets to Christmas the more likely that they’ll buy anything laying on a shelf.  Have you been to Bath and Body Works?  No way that store stays open without Christmas.  Back to domaining. Here are the names. Remember the rules “If it doesn’t end in 4 it will go for a lot more”  This one does so it will most likely stay under $2K  Popular first name….or so I’m told.  Not real popular in MY neighborhood but we’re not real diverse.  That is unless the Illinois football coach gets fired and replaced with an African American and then our neighborhood will be diversified. Ironically two things that are both obsolete. But not when this was registered back in 1995.  Plenty of existing and future products with this name  Something High School  My guess is that the most money would be made with commodity prices and trading  Same here   There is none higher.  Sucker MCs gonna call me sire Not sure how to pronounce it but we’ll figure that out later No bidders. Sounds like some new startup they would feature on TechCrunch No bids.  I guarantee the radio stations with this call station will pay more than $69 No bidders.  I’d rather have the plural but probably not under $100 If you are going to buy why wouldn’t you want to buy when you’re happy. Sounds Japanese. 13 years old Doesn’t really pass the radio test but it passes the worth over $100 test Awesome name for a job search website. Find a job would is better but that’s not up for auction today is it? Just in case someone wants to try for the 34th time to build a daily domain auction site. No bidders No bidders. Finally I’ll be able to find out what my domains will be worth Not extremely valuable but memorable and good dating name. Only $12 for a 10 year old name PR5, 1.8K links, and 10K plus traffic. Worth a few dollars IMO

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