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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 10th

I’d like to start off the week by thanking Vin’s Domains for the support.  I’d like to think that’s its no coincidence that he has had more sales than ever since he started advertising here.  He has some solid names up for sale.  If you’d like to join the karma and profitability bandwagon and advertise on DomainShane let me know.  Good things happen when you work with me.  Of course it may just be you’ll get in better shape or have a nice landscape but there’s a chance you’ll make more money in domain investing as well.  Here are today’s names

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”― Mae West $16K and a Q. Obviously a bit more going on with this domain other than being an Green and org go together well. 15 years old and NO bidders Mom would always say “Don’t throw a hissy fit” Still don’t know what a hissy fit is but now I have an emotional attachment to the word. A nice 5L even without the emotional attachment. You can legally own this and they actually do. Have you ever seen a Suzuki car with all four hubcaps? I haven’t Marissa Mayer leads the new generation of tech Moms. Pretty tech Moms. Got my dates screwed up so the next three are repeats You know I like dot cc. Even more now that we have these new long endings. You could do worse for $12 I have to admit I had no idea what Six Sigma until I typed it into Google. The keywords get 200K searches and this gets 390 exact searches. There are so many popular things I have no idea about. If you buy these CCC.coms right you can put them right back up for sale and make a quick profit I don’t have a lot of experience with CC.orgs but I can’t believe you won’t make money if you buy it below $1000. But what do I know, I’m just a blogger

Start your website with a $4.29 .COM & FREE Private Registration!  I know, nobody calls it an automobile but with No bidders I think you’ll still be ok.  Most of you are way too long to know how big he was.  Think LeBron James X 10    Would do well to own any of the three   Want a CVCV?  Here you go  This one isn’t too bad but not as good as the above  Better name than Fiverr  They keep coming today   And another  If you haven’t had a piece of mang mang you haven’t lived.  Actually I have no idea what mang mang is

$1 / mo Economy hosting for 12 months from Go Daddy

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  1. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”― Mae West
    Awesome quote, I remember using it in one of my Toastmasters speech project.
    Thanks for sharing.

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