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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 13th

I imagine Owen Frager is going crazier this past few days with Sitemeter being down.  He’s like me and loves to watch his traffic stats and the past two days he can’t see them on Sitemeter.  I have a ton of sites that I use the free version and a few I use the upgraded, pay version.  I have Google Analytics on them as well but not instant like Sitemeter.  They really have sucked over the last few months.  I probably need to change but like anything, you get used to something and hate change.  Now on to today’s names. For those of you that don’t have an OCD home cleaning wife like myself may want to pick this great domain up. Yes, I’m a lucky man. I’m picking up my feet to let her vacuum as I type this. Did I mention she’s also pretty? Sorry, had to type that. She’s gone now. Great education name. Business management is old school. Tech management is where the money is. 16 years old Looks like there are quite a few Adword bids for Payroll processing No bidders. I like the sound of this one. Much better sounding than domain name And the worst new Zynga game of 2012 goes to……………..  This one’s a little better  I figure this will fetch a good price because it’s a short name that visually defines its use.  I sounded intelligent there didn’t I? No bidders.  Not sure if there is such thing as digital engraving but there are plenty of results on Google and that’s good enough for me  Means to save money.  Cool sounding 5L. One bidder.  And I made up that definition.  Ironically I was looking for an outdoor mat for the nursery this weekend.  I can buy this domain for less than it was going to cost me for the mat  No bidders.  I would think this would make a great marketing name  Not a huge userbase, only hundreds of thousands of school cross country runners and coaches  Tons of LLLL.coms today but don’t like most of them.  This one I do  Lord knows there are plenty of these here in our college town.  Have a party?  Make a shirt.  Have a band party?  Make a shirt.  Fall down the stairs?  Make a shirt  This one is going off early this morning.



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