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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 3rd

Happy Labor Day to those of you in the States.  Happy Monday to the rest of you.  We’re closed today so I’ll be getting lots of things done today. Maybe, and just maybe, I may actually work on my sites for the first time in months.  Then again, I may catch up on the last 3 years of movies I haven’t seen like I did yesterday.  Here are today’s names A lot of companies buying ads for these keywords so I know it’s worth more than $50  The pool table organization has incredible pull in Washington  I would imagine these are here or coming I love creative names. I mean it literally, I like names with the word creative. Usually I can get them cheap but and I thought I would get this one cheap but its already up to $67. I think you could still get it for $100  Ahh 3D, the future of film…….for the 3rd time.  Only 7 bidders and a 1996 Birthday which is ironically way before the new 3D fad   A bit too generic for me but doesn’t mean I won’t be all over it NO bidders on this 10 year old domain. Great brand or blog name for $12 You start the site, I’ll visit regularly   Four good NNNN.coms ending very early this morning  Here’s another of them  No bidders on this premium name

While I have you.  Would anyone mind StumbleUpon this picture.?I want to see if it still works for traffic Going to go for a whole lot more than $12. Great liquid domain No bidders. $12 for what I think would be a good name for a flooring company. Or a domain investor looking to sell to a flooring company  A nice 5L that should be had for a decent price  5L and first name. Used to be a very popular name 100 years ago and still some girls with this name. Like all names, it will come around again – first name — 77 people on LinkedIn with this first name. Yeah, they have two Ns  Not sure how much value this one has but 16 years old and has a nice sound to it with “info” in it.  Sounds like this company would have some good data   Yes, it’s a .net, but Google it or plug it into and see all the businesses/websites that use “Phire” as part of their business name Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

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    It’s “Edith” not “Edeth” for the actual name. But I suppose this domain could be a variant spelling of Edith.


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