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May 06 2013

I had dinner last night with some runners from the Tarahumara tribe.  They were made famous in the book ‘Born to Run’.  It was amazing to talk to anyone that had never taken an elevator or escalator.   Everything we take for granted was a new experience for them. They are ultra runners but were in town to run at the flying pig marathon.  They ran the 5K the 10K and the marathon and they ran 3 hours 5 minutes.  And one ran in sandals made of old tires.  They gave me some secrets that I can’t share but I should be breaking 3 hours soon.  Now on to today’s names   Awesome name. 15 years old and anything under $2K is a good buy IMO   Good reputation defender type name.  15 years old  No bidders. Nice brand for online trading or trading info. It all depends what the reserve price is Becoming one of the most important measurement online. Everyone has their own algo for measuring but whoever owns this domain will have more credibility. Good name for a buildout and flip on flippa. Already has 256 backlinks and 14 years old  The Q doesn’t seem to be hurting the price  No Bids. I have a few “modern” names like modern gardener and this one isn’t too bad for having no bids  Probably best known as a vampire from Anne Rice but it’s used by other people and businesses as well.  Pretty decent letters  231 bidders want to bid or see how this one ends  One of the first NNNN.coms not to start or end with a 4.  Should cross $2K   I think stem cells will absolutely change medicine.  Not sure if I want the dot info though   I keep my money in a duct tape bag. It’s better looking and more durable than most I find in the store.  Not sure what that has to do with this domain

$2.49 .COM at! Expires 5/14/13. 17 years old.  Has a $1700 reserve though  Come for the TV, stay for the PR3 The complimentary that ends in A


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  1. Meyer

    “They gave me some secrets that I can’t share but I should be breaking 3 hours soon.”

    I’m sure people will notice the knapsack full of helium balloons.

    I’m not sure if I could walk 26 miles in 8 hrs.

    The only way I could break 3 hrs., if I use a bike.

    I’m impressed you have the time, energy and stamina after working 50 hrs a week at the nursery.

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