SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 30th, 2013

Nov 30 2013  A 19 years old is usually a good name.   This one is and under $500 would be a good buy IMO A lot of people care that things are kid safe. I figure dangerous stuff is a good learning tool. 17 years old  An upgrade for some, a small watch for others no bidders.  Sounds like an app or new company recently funded by some celebrity   The first name of a few people and I would think you could sell it as an email or blog

Backorder Domains  17 years old.   Surprised it only has 18 bids  I have two  I’m guessing this will eventually be beer related  Free Credit Report has made tens of millions so this should be able to make a few bucks An upgrade for a few companies.  No bidders  Pretty much sums up what you’d be selling  Trust me, there are millions of people that are looking to try and grow their food organically.   Organic is too much work for me

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Starting yesterday and every Friday I am going to post a list of 10 domains that are for sale. Normally I only put domains that are up at auction, but this list will contain both names at auction, domains with websites, or just straight up for sale. Some of the names are paid listings, others are names that I thought were a good value. Here were some of the auction names  13 years old.  One of the highest keyword CPCs on the the net. Seller will be donating a percentage of the sale price to the buyers charity of their choice  This one comes with a developed website.  It’s not making any money yet so it’s being sold just as a domain.  Dot infos are perfect for geo domains. Already getting some traffic because of the site  The auction doesn’t go off for a month but this is one of the better NNNN.coms that has come up in a while.   Because insurance companies HAVE to take people into their insurance plans due to the new Obamacare laws, there is no doubt in my mind insurance companies will start to score everyone just like a credit score.  It may be internal but it’s just a matter of time before everyone will have a medical score based on medical history, prescription following scores (already exists), and number of doctor visits.  For under $500 this one has huge potential IMO  Was just up for sale and came up short at $1500.  $2000 BIN set   Info domains are the comeback story of 2013 and this is fantastic name to sell gadgets and tech.  Have to be careful with this one but will be two of the biggest movies of all time in a few years.  Only $10 when I wrote this.

If you are interested in having a name listed next Friday please contact me for price and availability.  If you are interested in sponsoring this post for a low low price please contact me as well.

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