SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on Sept 28th, 2013

Sep 28 2013

The other day Frank Schilling said that dot coms were the AM radio of domains.  I admire and respect Frank as much as anyone in the industry but he sounded silly. There is no doubt there are millions to be made FOR HIM in the new domains but making it sound like they are a better investment for the masses is a sales pitch.  If you want a better media comparison then call dot coms the network channels of television.  There certainly are plenty of cable channels out there to choose and money is being made on most of the them.  There is also plenty of quality on those channels.  But if you want to reach the masses you start with the big 4.  ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX.  The Dot Com , dot net, dot org, and maybe dot me and dot tv of television.   Here are today’s names   The largest of the Hawaiian Islands.  No bidders  Liquid name at it’s finest.  Generally these sell for 700 plus.  14 years old  No bidders.  I know they don’t call it “the france” but for $12 I think it would still make a great brand for something french.  9 years old  A good descriptive name Not sure if there is a lot of racing in Nevada but for the price it’s worth a flyer IMO  Solid lead gen name for a billion dollar business.  Actually I don’t know how big the industry is but every building I’ve ever been to has a roof

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD) – Two word product .com. A bit cheaper than the singular (, which can be yours for $8,000.  The cool kids always had a tupperware sandwich box while I had a baggie.  Not even the ziplock kind but the kind you had to fold over.  I cry every time I hold a ziplock because it represents how far I’ve come. I’m truly blessed.  I made that story up but it’s sounded real didn’t it?  Sounds like a upscale shoe brand or store.  I don’t think troop leaders have a lot of money but it would make a great email address.  No bidders and 13 years old  I’ve always wanted to see where the downboys go.  No bidders   I was thinking running as in jogging but I think others are thinking running software.  But nobody really cares because no bidders   A lot of people like this name  Another ‘the’ name getting some respect

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  1. Johnnie

    “The other day Frank Schilling said that dot coms were the AM radio of domains.”

    And he looked real silly saying that. I know he’s financially invested in people believing that but the real world doesn’t care. I read what he posted elsewhere and it’s pretty comical.

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