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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 22nd

Quick list today because I’m up late and a big day today.  Work and an Illinois football game.  I put up a domain on Namejet yesterday,,  if anyone is looking for a Its three weeks away but its never to early to promote a domain sale.  That is unless you are running a major auction and then you want all the bloggers to promote it for free rather than pay for advertising and promote it properly.  Then again I may be bias.  Here are today’s names.  Wow! This is one starting high.  Great name and instant brand.  Click and buy please  Love it.  Going to do well as most people know the saying  I think of pitching ideas when I think of this. Has a little value IMO  This would be perfect for me but I have enough plant names for now (just kidding, looking for actual plants not sayings or terms)  No bidders. Great construction name.  13 years old    So much money to be made in credit and Free. NO bidders  15 million results for ADW and the first page is full of companies and organizations that use this acronym  You’ll have to spell it for everyone but 117 bidders aren’t worried about it  Not sure how you’ll make money with it but soy ink is a very popular product.  Only 2 bidders  I only like it because it’s from 1993.  I guess I like the older lady domains You probably know what 420 means and for $12 you are getting a pretty good magazine or blog domain for info about da pot. Under $250 is fair for this

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    In the past week or so there have been a LOT of expiring LLLL domains for really low prices, even BIN.

    And I mean triple premium pronounceables.

    I picked up about 15.

    I think the run is about to end, though; I suspect it was one person dumping a bunch of his/her LLLL coms (about 1,500, most of them absolute and garbled junk).

    Most of them have Q’s, but a well-placed Q doesn’t bother me, for example, SUCQ dot com ($8.00 + renewal).

    Today, I had bids on two, but both went over my budget–which is okay; I have enough.


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