SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 23nd

Sep 23 2012

Some good names on todays list. It was tough to get through the list today because there were thousands of hyphenated product domains coming up today at  It further proves that very few people want hyphenated domains, even if they are category killer keywords.  Sorry about being a little late on the delivery but late night slaughter, I mean game, at Illinois got me in late to bed and slept in. Ahhhhhhh Enjoy the day  I heard this a lot in college  These easy to remember NNNN.coms always to very well  17 years old and is one of the older LLLL.coms to come up on Namejet in the last few months  Little brother of the above.  Only 16 years old  I don’t like the zero on the front that much but they always sell well  The 8 on the front is offset by the 4 at the end but still will cross $1000  These three are all very liquid name.  Perfect opportunity to buy low and sell high.  Only downside is these are at a public auction which limits the buy low side and  Both could be great marketing names for banks For $12 you get a 12 year old domain that I think makes a nice brand Great name but still not sure how to pronounce it  No bidders on such a hot topic.  Org is perfect for this one.  I think you’re not buying it because you’re homophobic  Funny brand and No bidders so cheap.  11 years old 1996 Domain. Not sure if you can sell coaching but I do know online triathlon coaches do pretty well so why not  Not just Hell but double hell.  Twice as hot.  No bidders.  I know its not a real valuable name but I like the name and think people would remember it.  10 years old


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