End User Purchases From This Week’s DNJournal Weekly Sales List

Sep 21 2012

One of my favorite parts of domaining is reading about who purchased the domains that you see in the weekly top sales.  Andrew always does a good job reporting the sales but I figured since I like to scan through the list anyway, I might as well share what I find.  Here are a few of the interesting purchaser info I found using DomainTools

Seed.co  Purchased for $15K buy the Australia Company Jankala Organic Seeds.  Much better than their other names like  organic-seed.biz  organic-seed.net

RaceReport.com  You would think a horse racing or auto racing company would have purchased this one but it was purchased by USARiseUp, Inc.  They are the publishers of an online magazine about race relations.  Purchased for $2397 its a big improvement over USAonRace.com

HeadIt.com  A $4388 upgrade or additional purchase from headit.ch.  This company offers IT operation and infrastructure solutions.

CashLady.com  $36,000 cash paid by PDB UK Limited.  Touts themselves as “The UK’s biggest payday loans broker.  Evidently about to do a little fun marketing

SpaFilter.com   Purchased by the filter sellers at FiltersFast.com  Looks like they are adding to their filter domain investments.

SmallFortune.com   A $7495 purchase by The Small Fortune Company which seems to be a nice upgrade. Only problem is I can’t find a company with that name.

 MyJar.com  Was purchased by TXT Loan Limited Foundation for $10,400.  They are a short term small loan company that yes,  gives loans through text.  Assuming that myjar will be a marketing name they will use.  Like coin jar that we all have on the dresser.

Coldshield.com  Purchased by  Coldshield Northern Pty Ltd for $4000 for obvious reasons.

iSpot.co    Purchased by Box Telematics for $4000.  They have an phone tracking app for iPhone, Android and both Blackberry users

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