SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 26th

Oct 26 2012

You’ll notice a little more humor in my list. You know why? Because I started feeling strong again a few days ago. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I got rest and got this disease out of me. It took about 10 days. I run the NY marathon next week and I’m tapering, ie not running as much and sleeping in. All the energy is amazing. I feel like I can conquer the world. I just hope I can break 3:15. Now on to today’s names. Have a nice day. PS Thanks to Tia Wood who has been so helpful this year. If anyone needs a website built or site help. She’s your gal.

PSS:  If anyone would like to buy advertising on my site, starting in November I’ll be giving buy one month get one free for up to 6 months.  Email for available spots or wants  1995 Domain so if my math is right it’s 87 years old I don’t usually buy LLL.orgs but when I do I like to buy ones that can be used for New Jersey located organizations.  You may be thinking a Dominican side dish of mashed plantains but I see a that could be a funny cat site  Seller has a $500 (already past)  reserve but if you do buy it and build it out, send me an email  Lots of bidders all of which seem to be basing it on snowmobile tours  No Bidders on this great call to action domain.  13 years old  Because who would want to clean with something that actually gets it clean Yeah, yeah I see UPS too but not every frickin thing you see is trademark infringement. I’ve said many times how much I like LLLL.coms with double vowels in the middle  You’ll have to outbid Bill Sweetman on this one How ironic would it be to go to a startup event with startup college as your startup? Someone once told me that all the bad letters in the US are awesome in Europe. I believe him because if David Hasselhoff is popular over there.


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  1. Guy

    I do enjoy your humour Shane
    although I think sometimes mine is a little extreme for you as you don’t always print. I put it down to the British sense of humour lol
    anyway, has anyone ever told you how much you look like Lance Armstrong? seriously

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