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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 8th

Not very many names today.  Actually there are a lot of names but they are names that everyone is watching so not too many hidden gems.  But it’s Saturday and there are plenty of other things to do besides hunt down domain names.  I bought an yesterday which will actually be my first ever…..but not my last.   I probably need to start selling though.  I have been a buyer for the last 3 months and barely sold anything.  I am seeing a big jump in the US economy but it’s early and I think if I buy now I can probably ride a little move up so I may hold for a little while longer.  Here are today’s names

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”  -Les Brown I’ve heard Detroit has come around but in the past Detroit’s version of fitness was able to run down the block fast enough that a crack house didn’t fall on you. I actually hate this one. Because I and everyone else knows this would be an easy build out yet one of us is going to buy it and never do anything with it 17 year old All good letters. These are the $12 5L.coms that will pay off in the future…IMO Marissa Mayer leads the new generation of tech Moms. Pretty tech Moms You know I like dot cc. Even more now that we have these new long endings. You could do worse for $12 I have to admit I had no idea what Six Sigma until I typed it into Google. The keywords get 200K searches and this gets 390 exact searches. There are so many popular things I have no idea about.

Start your website with a $4.29 .COM & FREE Private Registration!  18 years old and all beautiful letters  I’ll guess it goes for over $8K   They really are cute birds   Great hat name.  Of course there are only three hats people wear now. Baseball hats, cowboy hats, and the hipster hats of California  With thousands of companies using the word Bio this will be an easy resell in the future  Extreme has many different meanings depending on age.  At 43, extreme is any kind of training

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