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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 8th

Had a little time Friday night to put together a list. You might have already read Schilling’s post called Lobster yesterday.  Interesting read and to me can be interpreted in many ways.  I read it as “Shane you are doing the smart thing”  Selling domains and taking profit along the way while continuing to hold only stronger names.  Then again, I think everything is about me.  Here are today’s names. And I thought double Ds were nice. This one has double Fs It’s already at $500 but its 16 years old with traffic A lot of decent LLLL.coms at Goddady today 10 year old domain. For $12 its worth buying as a possible marketing name  16 year old brand but no bidders. Evidently bad wear and bad domain.  I don’t think so 9 years old and worth a little more than $12 IMO Officially a and only $12  No bidders again on this short two word name.  16 years old  This one has come across the auction before.  Can’t remember how it did but I remember it being over $500.  I could be wrong though  9900 Global exacts and no bidders  I was doing a little research and couldn’t believe how many adds there were for striped rugs.  But no bids Just in case you missed these two . Try and guess which one sells for more  and yet somebody is going to buy it I think this one is strong and could hit $750 plus  5Ls continue to move at solid prices…too bad this is a 6L dot com 🙂  I wish I would have put this in my house.  Especially in the winter


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