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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on December 8th, 2013

The hardest part of a business selling perishable goods is trying to figure out how many to stock.  Buy too many and you have to eat it, sometimes literally.  Order too little and you leave money on the table and may have customers that come in, find out you’re sold out, and find a new supplier.  With Christmas trees I get a first order and then I get a second a week later.  For the first order I ordered the same amount as last year plus 25%.   We sold them all in the first three days.  So I ordered the same amount and we sold them all yesterday, in one day.  If I order a third order and on the slight chance I get them, I won’t get them until Friday, leaving us with one weekend to sell them.  Also many may have found a source by then and putting a big risk we may not sell them.  I can be sold out from this point on and have had a great season, or I could go for a home run and end up losing my profits if they don’t sell.  I’ve chosen to take the profits and call it a year.  Putting out the word that our trees are so good they sell out quickly and next year you better reserve or come out earlier. I’ll be having customers putting up pictures of their trees and reminding those that didn’t get one how good they are.   All in attempt to make it look like they came out too late rather than I didn’t gauge the inventory needed properly.  But it’s all a good learning experience for me and the bottom line is that we made good money and twice as many people as last year bought their tree at our business.  Here are today’s names.  18 years old.   Video will continue to be the number one form of media  16 years old and only one bidder  14 years old.  Only one bidder.  Almost everyone wants one at some point in time   Yes I am but I can still outrun you

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HAVE A NAME AT AUCTION OR FOR SALE?  The LLLL.coms that start with W always have value as radio or TV call letters.  19 years old  A shitty domain  Not sure if they have these anymore but we all know what it represents Take advantage of the recent drop in dot net prices if you still believe in dot nets  I don’t know much about them but I have always associated them with expensive  Not sure how you would monetize it but if you resell it I guess it doesn’t really matter  It could be I’m hungry.  It could be that this is a good name for a bakery or a food blog.   No bidders  My God in Spanish.  I alway think of Fred whathisname on Saturday Night Live doing his Ricky Ricardo like guy.  Mine.  I’m liquidating some CVCV to buy a mid 5 five figure domain.  Help me.   I bought only CVCVs that had the same vowel within.  They seem to sell for the most  Already similar sites that give you previews of what your website looks like in various browsers.  No reason you can’t make another  No bidders.  A few companies with this name and a great term for people seeking early info.  I though it made a nice fashion name and after Googling it I see that others already had the same idea.  Good upgrade name or go alone.  No bidders.  Pretty sure you could make your $69 back with a quick domain code and coupon site. No bidders  5L that’s a first name and a last name.  As I always say, if it’s a name it’s going to have a lot of businesses that share that name

Let me help you get more bidders and more views to your domain. In addition to this list I also promote a list called DomainShane’s Book of 10.  A list of 10 featured domains that is put out every Thursday on this site and at the top of If you are interested in having a name listed please contact me for price and availability.

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