SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on January 19th, 2014

Jan 19 2014

I’m actually writing a few posts about the conference that I’ll post later and I find I really can’t/shouldn’t write a few of my thoughts.  590 of the people there were fantastic, roughly 10 were asses.  But fortunately most people were like Joe Higgins, Steven Newman, Michael Cyger, and Michael Sugarman.  Spending time and sharing stories regardless of whether we had met in the past or not.  It’s guys like this that make conferences worth the time and money.  And I chosen to be positive about the good people and ignore the scrooges.  Here are today’s names.  And remember I’m already taking names for next Friday’s Book of 10.  Let me know if interested.   Super high CPC, super terrible disease  Not sure of the value but the name is fun to say. 13 years old.  Not a bad poker name for $12  A double adjective games site must be twice as fun

Random Fact:  The only member of the band ZZ Top without a beard has the last name of Beard  All good letters.  Someone please buy it as a gift for me  16 years old.  I imagine somebody will like a name that try and makes golf cute.  To me its just frustrating.  If I can just find 12 hours a week I think I could be good  Hard to believe this only has one bidder.  Andy Booth should buy this for his girlfriend.  She’s not Persian, I just thought it would make a nice gift.  Just kidding, she’s Persian They’re mostly looking for grass fed beef but why let Bulls have all the fun Z in the second spot is just fine IMO.  The A at the end is the real value I think they were giving these out at the Adult Video Awards this weekend in Vegas  Last name play here.  Which as we all know means there is probably a few businesses with the name as well

HAVE A NAME AT AUCTION OR FOR SALE? Let me help you get more bidders and more views to your domain. Also Now Taking Names for the DomainShane Book of 10. 10 Names that will be showcased here and on the top of every Friday. contact me for price and availability.

*All names chosen by me, Shane, and the goal of this list is to have all links be paid through commission (click through and purchase a name you like) or paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct.

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  1. Kassey

    I like your attitude, Shane. I choose to hang around with positive people — people I can learn from.

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