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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 24th, 2013

I was reading a story about a successful young business person and he said he got started by investing his bar mitzvah money. This is the five millionth time I’ve heard someone say this is the way they got started. I am not Jewish and have never been to a bar mitzvah but I do have friends that have described it to me. I have now added another thing to my list that I wish I had done when I was young and that’s have a bar mitzvah. Evidently it’s a an early form of seed money for your career. One that doesn’t require a sale of your assets to pay back the investors. You just have to dance with some of the people you’d rather not dance with and take a few kisses from old relatives. But that sounds like any big event at my family. The difference is these young men left with thousands of dollars and I was out two dollars because I lost a fork that belonged to the church kitchen. Here are today’s names I think $2200 is pretty fair for this pokerish/card name. 17 years old and very memorable 16 years old. Sold for $3500 plus in 2008. A very high CPC to boot A PR4 and even with all the games and gadgets, puzzles are still as popular as ever. 15 years old Backup, collectibles, museum. 14 years old. I saved the history of beer in 1977 and still have it. Never quite figured out what to do with it Get the domain investing joint venture out of your mind. Think Silicon Valley I could build a great website with this one. No bidders I’m not really into typos but I know some of your are. This gets as many as 500 visits a month Not sure if anyone is still buying ville names. This one has no bidders so maybe not. Did you know Lil’ Wayne aka Junior Birdman aka Lil’ Weezy aka Keeper of the Purple Drank invented the word Bling? My knowledge is endless Something now and could be something even more important later. No bids $12 Search box, search field in German

Backorder Domains Wait…that’s not how you spell license. Says the American. All other English countries spell it with a C. Australian Drivers Licence, English Hunting Licence. We Americans just changed things to make it match how we pronounce it. Better as an acronym that a pronounceable 18 years old Not just bingo, mega bingo yes If you’ve ever hosted a large event you’ll realize this is a thing. A big thing. Even the dot net has great use for an insurance company that offers this. Dot org available as well There are several businesses that would like to own this name. Upgrade name, no bidders Perfect travel name. Of course I’m hungry so I’m thinking Baked Alaska

CAX Domain Deal of the Day No reserve auction. Name fits the dot info well. Buy it and Flippa it

NEW: Domain Shane’s Book of 10

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Starting this Friday and every Friday I will be introducing the Domain Shane Book of 10. A list of 10 of my favorite domain names for sale or at an auction ending in near future. Every Friday I will put out the list and it will be featured here. In addition I will be buying a “Featured Post” at the top of every Friday. I will be picking most of the names but for a small fee I will include a few additional names. I will only accept names that I feel would actually sell. No for $500 names. So if you’re looking for eyeballs from the domaining industry for a name you have for sale, please contact me for information and pricing.

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