SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 23rd, 2013

Nov 23 2013

Couldn’t find a lot of names today.  Usually the auction houses avoid having too many names finish on weekends because of people being busy.  It’s going to get even worse next weekend with Thanksgiving and Black Friday here in the states.  It’s a good time to pick off some of the names that sneak through. Then again you look like a lonely schmuck if you are spending your Thanksgiving bidding on an auction.  Then again you could just be from the other 90% of the world that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving next weekend.  Here are today’s names  All good letters and 18 years old. Two things I look for in LLLL.coms  I have to admit I have never seen a  Will be very interesting to see what it will go for.  I’m going to learn something today  The value is in all the people with this popular last name.  It seems that EVERYONE drinks coffee.  Tell them what they should buy  Get the domain investing joint venture out of your mind.  Think Silicon Valley  While I think the dot org is not ideal for this one but still a pretty good name

Backorder Domains  You ever look through the list and hope you’re going to sneak in and get a name nobody else sees?  I had this feeling and then saw 138 people had already bid Not saying it has value but love the name. Sounds like an app my daughter would play  You know I love “the” names and I love this one   Namejet put out an email letting us know that the new owner of these names will get the rights to the new .uk

CAX Domain Deal of the Day  $50 No Reserve.  Employers are looking for an easy online way to do a background check.  This is a great name to offer that service. ($250)  There are millions of people that all kinds of money for these beauty potions.  Domain is cheaper than a high end haircut in NYC.  At least that’s what Elliot tells me. ($2500) $15 CPC and $3200 Estibot.   The online version of the GED the “Good Enough Degree”

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