SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 19th

May 19 2013

Elliot had a post on the popularity of numerics lately and I have to agree I have received a  ton of emails from brokers and friends saying they had clients that were looking for NNNN.coms.  Unfortunately I got out a little early as I had 10 or 15 at one point but I was getting great offers last fall and sold them all and moved into quality CVCVs. Now I feel I should have waited one more year.  Then again, just because everyone is looking doesn’t mean they would have paid more than I sold them for.  Right now there’s talk but I have yet to see that people are paying extraordinary prices.  Here are today’s names and the quote.

“Go to Heaven for the climate.  Go to Hell for the company”  -Mark Twain I realize this is an but the price is a little fishy to me  Repeating letters are so memorable.  To me, that is 60% of the value of a name. Love this one,  I’ll be bidding  Sounds like a weightloss pill.  “If you lose more than 30 pounds in a day please discontinue use of MegaSlim”  Good letters.  I like Bs.  They look like a pregnant lady  Back up and already at $13,000.  Could add quite a bit more

Featured Offer! 32% Off New Products! Now through 5/28/2013!  Big name.  It’s what I have to buy because I can never afford original art   Good for a directory but would be tough to beat Chickipedia  Another great name in my industry, even as a dot net.  And everyone loves to say Bonzai  Makes me want to eat cool ranch Doritos  Sounds terrible but there are going to be lots of them in the upcoming years because of Americas aging population    Top instrument for lessons   I for international   My nickname given by the guy with a lisp.  No value except to the lisp guy   I’d rather have a K but will still do well Like this one more than the above   Age and traffic.  Two things that Flippa loves  Only one bidder on this solid domain sales name  Look at all the Google paid ads for this term   Looks like it would be best use for costume sales  40% of all name on Sedo sold with BIN Now this one I like.  I’m in the mood to buy one lately.  Such a bad purchase though



Featured Offer! $2.49. COM domains! Now through 5/14/2013!

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  1. Michael

    What are your thoughts on reseller value for without bad numbers? Do you mind sharing what kind of end user sales you were getting since you don’t own any at the moment?

  2. Adi Weitzman

    I”ve been reading your blog for some time now Shane and I honestly agree with each name you picked out. A solid list with some nice names. I hope Rashed sells

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