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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 22nd

Mondays are always great days for picking up names. Namejet always loads up on Mondays and today is no different. Lots of past tense adjectives on the list today. No stories here today as I’m actually going to write an article so I’ll save it for then. Enjoy the day Already at $3K plus but like all Godaddy auctions the owner could renew. Worth a shot  No bidders.  So many uses, so many uses  Although not officially junked, this would be a great website dedicated to the 1995 Honda Accord sitting in my garage that I haven’t driven yet this year  The next great bodybuilding forum name  No bidders and I think it would make a pretty good name for ….well……local offers  Some men love girls with a little extra love on their bodies

Craved. com   I have trouble figuring out what you would do with these past tense words but they are words that people know so it gives them value. NO bidders  Same here  I think this could be a positive name.  A club of overweight people looking to lose weight.  70 % of Americans are already members   Another one of those tense words.  Would rather have reduce or reducer  I have always had this dream of owning a sock store.  I have no idea why I love socks so much but I do.  I want to be the zappos of socks some day. I am going to buy this one or drive up the price really high to the person that ends up buying it  Hard to believe this doesn’t have any bidders.  It will now  and  If you want easy to remember then these works  Not sure info works here but super strong keyword probably works on any tld  I think this has come up before.  I remember the three z reminding me of someone sleeping   These are called collectible because there are no acronym that have three Y’s in them Not much value but a great name for a blog or site to list exotic and expensive toys. I may buy this one for fun

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Domain Spotlight: