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Jun 23 2013

Had a bit of a pop up storm here in Illinois and we got 3 inches of rain out of no where.  I had a few crazy customers that insisted I help them in the pouring rain.  They’re customers so I did.  I was a little soaked but my iPhone took a hit.  Sitting in a pocket full of water.  It’s completely waterlogged and doesn’t come close to working.  I put it in a bag of rice to dry it out but so far nothing.  It’s a bitch being without a phone for 24 hours.  I could care less about it most of the time. It’s usually people needing me not the other way around but I hate not being able to get a hold of my wife or daughter (I can facetime them on the computers).  Hoping by the time I wake up the rice has done its job.  Here are today’s names so far.  Will update later today

Trust me, when I woke up today I had no plans to be awesome, but shit happens. -? O for Organization. 13 years old More good letters and also 13 years old No bidders. Good brand for a domain seller I haven’t eaten fresh brown eggs then you are missing out. Good name for finding sources or selling eggs A nice upgrade for quite a few companies of the same name Per usual, shorties do well

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  1. todd

    Go to walmart, target etc…. and buy a cheap $20 phone that is compatible with your wireless provider and pull the sim card out of your iPhone. There is a small push button on the top of your phone to access your sim card. There is a small metal clip like thing in your iPhone box to access the card. Use this as a backup phone whenever you have an issue with your main phone.

  2. Scott

    For a durable case, get the “Griffin Survivor” or the “Ballistic” brand. Both can be found on Amazon for around $25 and under.

  3. Scott

    Or you can use and see if there is a tech in your area that will come to you and fix it (they are backed by Y-Combinator)

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