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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 26th

List is out a little late today because I did something crazy.  I went out for a nice dinner with my family and then watched the Blackhawks game.  No writing, no domains, nothing.    A nice change of pace.  The weather is killing me this weekend at the nursery but I’ve learned never fret the weather as it’s something I can’t control.  Here are today’s names

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” -Jimmy Dean  I would much rather buy dot cc than any of the new tlds. And it’s probably a heck of a lot cheaper at this price Medical billing has a CPC of $8.55 so it won’t take many clicks to pay for it this price Certainly memorable and something people can associate with. 15 years old We haven’t talked about it as much this year because commodity prices have settled a bit things that use less energy will continue to be a technological goal. Easily could build a site around it If you believe Godaddy then this received 19.4K visits last month. Good deal if this is valid

Featured Offer! 32% Off New Products! Now through 5/28/2013!  Ironically I was talking to someone this morning about how expensive roofs are that aren’t tar shingles.  If you sell wood shingles this would be a must own  15 years old and no bidders.  Both power and steam are popular online terms so why why not put them together.  Like a Reese’s peanut better cup  Not any great value but like the sound of it.  Narly with an S.  Nobody agrees.  No bidders  Too generic for me but I can see how some would like it  No 4s and NNNN.coms are hot.  Going to go high   If I were named Jamie I would but this.  I may buy it anyway  I can see its use but I still try and avoid bills

Featured Offer! $2.49. COM domains! Now through 5/14/2013!

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Domain Spotlight: