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10 Great Words of Wisdom From the Owner of, Bill McClure

I met a new friend this week, Bill McClure.  Bill and I have a lot in common.  Two guys from a family business that are trying to take the family business and move it in on to the web. The difference between Bill and I is the fact he has already succeeded.  He has a successful flower business online (he just purchased the category killer bouquet dot com at the TRAFFIC auction) and he also has a great business with  He is about to launch a new line called Miss Ellie’s Real Cups, which are his version of K-cups. I see a ton of success heading his way.

I felt I was meant to know Bill McClure.  As if our paths were meant to cross. I was walking to my gate in the airport yesterday and there he was sitting by himself at a gate.  He called out my name as I passed by. We really didn’t get a good chance to talk at the conference and I didn’t have much time to get to my flight but just a minute before I had received a text saying my flight was delayed 30 minutes. Not only did we talk, but as I left he handed me a stack of business cards.  On the back of the ten business cards were “points” on the that serve as daily reminders to himself and his employees.  I thought they were fantastic and wanted to share.

1. Be Nice, Smile

2. Be Courteous, Use Please and Thank you  “It’s my pleasure”

3. Be Efficient

4. Learn More Product Knowledge

5. Use Good Judgement:  Freedom to make decisions

6. Never Criticize for Doing to much: Only criticize for doing too little

7. Please the extended Family

8. Provide Hassle Free Buying

9. Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

10. Perform Outstanding Acts of Heroism

Some may say these are simple concepts but I think its a great idea to push and instill these ideas on a daily basis.  We take many of these for granted and most of us lose our focus after days and weeks in the daily grind.  Many thanks to Bill for his insights and like many of the domain investors I met, is person to follow not only because of his achievements but because of the kind of person he is.

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6 Replies to “10 Great Words of Wisdom From the Owner of, Bill McClure”

  1. I just like this gentleman. I love his interview by Michael on DomainSherpa. He’s even unconventional by using a .org to run his for-profit coffee business. Thanks Bill!

  2. If he is such a great domainer, what is he doing with a .org? Even a Day 1 Domainer knows that unless you also own the .com (which he doesn’t), you are just helping the .com owner.

  3. Yes Shane,
    Thanks for writing this post .We just forget whats really important..BASICS and leads to success in all areas of life.
    Great refresher for Monday morning..
    Thanks Ron W

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