SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on July 11th, 2013

Jul 11 2013

With the success of Flippa we now have three large auctions houses (With DNX trying to make a run) that let anyone put a name up for sale.  In short, there is complete liquidity in our market if you have a good name to sell.  It doesn’t mean you’ll get top dollar, often times it means the opposite, but the opportunity is there.  If you have names and put them up for auction and they don’t sell, then you may have just learned the real value of your domain to the average person.  Thank goodness that there are a lot of non average people to bail you out.  On a side note, I wish there were more people in the world like this.  Not the drinking and driving thing, but the ability to admit wrong and actually take self responsibility and make things right.  A very rare trait in today’s world

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard No bad letters so this one could do pretty well. But has a reserve so who knows if it really will sell This one does have a Q. The going rate has been in the $4500 range I love two letter dot net and dot orgs. But for me its personal, my Mom was a two letter dot net. One of the most popular districts in New York. Just like the saying. And I believe it This name shows up every 2 days on Godaddy. They need to retire it for good. It’s obvious nobody wants it. Last call “Get the amazing yard genie. Get the job done in half the time” I can here the advertisement already I’be bought and sold a few of these and I have been paying $500 and selling for $750. I’m guessing this will go towards the higher end Almost went without an Whew! that was close  I accidentally had this off a day. Ends early this morning. Still like it

Featured Offer – $2.99 .coms now at GoDaddy! Now through 7/9/2013! Something something High School   No bidders.  13 years old.  Fun name and brand.  Net available as well  At $50,000 per year plus I would think there would be some advertising money to be made here  It doesn’t get much better than this if you have any belief in this tld.  I have a belief in their advertising budget and fully support it.  They just don’t support me so this is the only pw name you will ever see on my list.  Very popular last name



$1 / mo Economy hosting for 12 months from Go Daddy

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$1 / mo Economy hosting for 12 months from Go Daddy

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  1. Francois

    Maybe you could list some of your at no reserve at DNX we check if they are really liquid ah ah ah

  2. Corey

    Hard to believe that A.PW is already at $1500. If it hits reserve I guess then that saying about a fool and their money is true.

    1. Post author


      I agree with you but I’ve also said that to a few people that ended up making great money. I think we’re right in this case but you never know. If I were Namejet though I would do exactly what they’re doing. I would help them to try and sell their names.

  3. Mike

    “ : I accidentally had this off a day. Ends early this morning. Still like it”

    You mean the domain or your marriage LOL

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