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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on October 11th, 2013

Yesterday was one of those days.  Those good days.  I have been watching the market for the past few days as it dropped due to our worthless lawmakers taking pay but not doing any work.  I watched as Ford stock dropped despite the fact it is hitting on all cylinders.  I did something I normally don’t do.  I gambled.  I watched the stock drop 15 cents this morning and knew things had to change.  I knew at some point that investors would see what a bargain it was on this overall market drop.  I’ve learned from the past that you can’t fight a market that makes no sense but I’ve also learned to buy stocks that run down with the overall market even if the fundamentals of the company haven’t changed. That’s what Ford was doing.  So I put weekly calls this morning for a few pennies.  Hundreds and hundreds of them.  I put a few thousand dollars in and waited.  And it happened.  The stock turned and got to the point it went from 15 cents down to 20 cents up netting me 4K in half a day.   While it doesn’t happen very often I was fortunate to have the experience and the luck work together on the same day.  Combine that with yesterday’s domain sale and I’m having a good week.  Something I don’t take for granted.  Here are today’s domains   So many uses in our industry.  Could be used to bring developers and the domain investor together….we know at least one person that knows the value of the word  One of the best infos to come up for sale in a while.  Comes with a website  If you are interested in this name please feel free to guide yourself to the purchase through this link.   It will not only provide you the path to a good domain but will provide good luck and karma for eternity.  *Results may vary  Fails the radio test but wins the test  For $12 I think you can flip this as a marketing name.  Some food or drink company will want it at some point  Wouldn’t be a Shane list without a lately  And another.  They’re coming out of the woodwork   All good letters.  Under $500 would be a good buy IMO  Great reservation brand.  No bidders.  8 years old   Again, reserve not met.  Somebody buy this so I don’t have to see it again.  Great name but the owner may like it more than the actual value

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD)   Good brand.  17 years old   9 year old product .com, over 2,000 exact searches per SEMRush



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