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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 11th

Big news the last few days.  Gwen Stefani is back on the market.  It’s kind of a big deal because she is my pass.  You know the pass.  It’s when you pick one celebrity that you are allowed to have sex with and your spouse will be OK with it.  Gwen is mine.  It kind of went out the window when she got married but now it’s game on.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program.  Here are today’s names.  I have a few on the list so bare with me.  Spells Guy without the U.  My domain so please overpay Great name for a mechanic. 16 years old which unfortunately is still younger than my Honda Accord (one of them, not the Ferrari)  Love this one.  Mine is a 7  What I feel like the kids on campus are calling me behind my back when they refer to me as “Sir” Triple repeating letter aren’t what they used to be but this one is special   I’ve heard of these but not really sure what they are.  Lots of bidders though  One many solid LLLL.coms on Namejet today   And another.   First National Bank of P .  Should do well   I think it would make a nice brand.  No bidders No bidders. I would imagine that in time people will be like dogs and will have a chip implanted in them with all kinds of info. No more “Give us your birthday please” when you give blood. I’m a sucker for double vowel LLLL.coms for some reason. I especially like UU . Maybe because they look like boobs No bidders. 95% of the Internet would qualify to be put on this site  Another one of my names. I bought it to make a local version of OpenTable.  6 months later I’ve done nothing.  I’ve moved on to the next project.  Yours if you want it.  Washington fan, Arkansas fan.  Pretty sure somebody would want this as a blog or email.  NO bidders  I don’t usually but NCN.coms but this one radio tests very well so I am a buyer…or bidder


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