SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 10th

Oct 10 2012

You know the difference of being at home and being at a conference.  I am getting up to go run today at 4:15 and people at the show are just coming home.  It is probably no coincidence I have been sick after every trade show I’ve been to. Of course last one I was sick before the show even started.  On that note, don’t ever have Adam Strong get you stuff to feel better.  Mango gatoraide and olives ARE NOT the key to feeling better. Here are today’s names.  Love this one.  Maybe one of my favorite in the last month  No bidders, 15 years old. I think Manute Bol when I see it but many others share his name  I don’t know how you would use this. Not an acronym or even a good pronounceable.  Still cool looking  Valuate has it at $6300.  I’ll go with somewhere between zero and that number All good letters according to the guide for good letters (no such thing). I’ll guess that it ends at $525 I for International is what gives it the value to me. 10 year old domain that’s under $100 at press time. Better than  These dictionary words are so familiar but I’m not sure of their value.  Perfect for dot org.   With all the people getting invitro you have more chances than ever to flip this   Same thing here.  I mean how much money can a site about ousted rulers make?  I get tired of hearing this all the time  Nice domain sales company name  1 bidder. 11 years old   Smoke one or eat out of one.  I prefer the eating bowl


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  1. Jin

    You have the highly regulated and intresting blog here. I think far best of the blogs out there who are covering the domaining.

    I think you have moved up for me than elliot and other bloggers, because most of them now are just self promoting and about sales etc, and about press releases.

    Well THANKS TO YOU, for not still sharing your success and advice as making a way to become successful yourself.

    AND OH PLEASE, DONT Turn in to PRESS RELEASE JUNK like elliot, I have blocked him from feed and not even visiting there, coz he is no longer what he used to offer.

    Once again thanks for sharing lists, and have BALLS to speak up!

    1. Post author


      I appreciate the kind words but Elliot does a great job. He is the voice of many in the industry. He ultimately chooses what he writes but he is generous in helping others, thus the “press releases” as you call them.

  2. Elliot Silver

    People like reading industry news (and my take on it I suppose), and advertisers like having their banners in front of a large targeted audience. I try to balance news with advice and opinion articles. If I only offered advice, I would be regurgitating the same stuff over and over since I am doing the same thing as I’ve been doing the last several years.

    The most highly read and commented on posts on my blog are related to news or my opinion of news reports, so there is interest in that aspect. Press releases may be boring, but oftentimes the news contained in the press releases will impact my business and probably others as well, and I generally stick to writing about things that will either impact my business or the domain business in general.

    I assume you are trying to make money from information you learn on domain blogs, and similarly, I need to make money to justify spending my time on my blog.

  3. Jim

    @ Elliot : thanks a lot for reply understand sorry if I offended u in anyway .

    @shane: how do u sell names via namejet ? If its premium name.
    I called them said they don’t accept names .

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