SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 12th

Oct 12 2012

The list is short today so I’ll start the day off with a joke before you get to the list.

An old lady at the bank asked me if I could help her check her balance. So I pushed her over…..and now onto the names.   Feel free to share your own Friday, joke of the day 14 years old. Nice brand and easy logo Not sure what you are going to read but remote anything is hot. 14 years old and worth an investment under $40 IMO that sounds like a biotech company.  Nothing is sexier than biotech If I owned this would be a must buy. And NO bidders so it’s under $20   No bidders on this great past tense form of a curseword.  13 years old  I remember when Play it Again Sports was all the rage.  Could work online I guess Not extremely valuable but 8 years old, and a phrase that is memorable. Worth more than reg fee and it’s not going for much more than that here Going to do well because of NY at the beginning I live life using the WUKAR method. Wake up Kick Ass Repeat.  At least you know your target market.  Just email every Alexis and see if they want a good email  No bids and a low reserve over at Sedo on this one


Dedicated Servers at Deal of the Week! $4.95 .COM domains.  Offer ends 9/25/2012!

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