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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 13th

A much longer list than normal.  Some pretty solid names on the board.  I have been buying like crazy this past few weeks. It’s funny how there aren’t any names that make you pull the trigger and then suddenly you have to make sure you haven’t blown your whole bankroll.  Setting up a solid inventory for 2013.  Have a nice day and here are the names I prefer immature models myself like Kate Upton. 14 year old domain Popular term and good brand. NO bidders, only $12   3 letter dot nets have been hitting the $1000 plus range lately this one will easily cross that because it ends in 5 Remember the shoes, remember the shoes  The first on the list in a while that doesn’t pass the radio test but passes the money test  Not sure if this is worth $69 but it is 14 years old and last time I checked computers are still in demand  Surprised there is such a low amount of bidders  It’s a comin  New Jersey names are smokin’.  Actually I’m not sure they are but you can always use the fact that it’s a and 15 years old as a back up  Cute name.  I love chicks  I could be partial because I live in a University town and in a farming state but these are all over the place.  NO bidders

$5.99 .Com with Free Private Registration!  No value but I don’t get to mention John Stockton in posts very often  No bidders. Decent 5L and could be a play on shirt.  I don’t usually make these kinds of buys but funny tees are a pretty good business and this would be a good name  No bids.  12 year old marijuana domain.  but you might be better off just using the $69 to buy some marijuana.  If you want to invest in China this is a good way

May your site be Merry & Bright! $5.99 .COM plus free Privacy from!

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Domain Spotlight: