The Values Of Other TLDS Versus Dot Com According to Sedo’s IDNX

Dec 12 2012

We’re all looking for help in pricing domains. While there is no science, there is data and the best data comes from Sedo. Other than Godaddy, they sell more aftermarket domains than anyone and they’ve been nice enough to take that data and share it. From that data comes IDNX,  and if you look a little deeper there is one chart which is a great basis of which to start with when trying to price “lower level” tlds. Again, every domain is unique and a domain is worth what someone is willing to pay, but data is data. And according to “The Methodology Behind IDNX” you get this chart which I’ve simplified even further. Basically if a domain name in the dot com is sold for 100, according to past sales data, then the dot net would sell for 25, the org for 16, and the dot info for 10.  Many of you have known this for years or even have your own formula. This is for everyone else.

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