SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 18th

Oct 18 2012

One of the better days in quite a while.  A ton of great names.  I’m hoping to pick up a few of these.  I’ve got money burning a hole in my pocket but haven’t seen anything that’s made me pull the trigger.  Really looking for a good priced short dot com or two letter dot org.   Here are today’s names If you don’t think this is a great name then you OBVIOUSLY haven’t played Then again you might not be 60 yet. I’ll go ahead and put a bid in for this one.  1988, yes 1988.  One of the older domains on the Internet You’re not going to find a better loan calculator domain for $12 anywhere You’ve probably seen this one floated around the forums. Curious to see how it does against the owners asking price on the boards Obviously a trademark infringement but they were so cool when I was growing up.  My favorite HotWheels was a white Trans Am with a big black eagle. Good “links of the day” domain  A friend of mine has 50 year old box turtles. They need their own website No bidders and excellent generator or solar site or slogan.  Just thought of another.  Good energy drink slogan as well  It’s cool, it saves money, and you can still claim it’s to smoke cigarettes 13 years old. One of those sappy girl names that they like. OK, I like it a little too. Only one bidder Only at $32 (or was). Twelve vs 12 is keeping this down but IMO is at a good price right now.   People are going to buy it because it’s a truck but put truck stuff on it a Ford will own it   I didn’t realize you needed classes to learn to drink and go out on a lake  People keep a lot of shit.  So they are going to need some home storage solutions.  Strong name  I wasn’t either but now I’m going to change that with this name  Maybe I shouldn’t   Love it.  Thing is as broad of a term as you can find I like B’s.  Always have   A’s are always nice though too.  Not a lot of words that start with U except university so this one is solid but the U takes a little off.  One of the better dot infos to come available in a while

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  1. Puckerhuddle

    TransAm: it would be worth doing a trademark search on this one.
    I recently reg after doing a trade mark search on the Canadian data base and much to my surprise GM no longer has it registered as a trade mark. They let it lapse. I do not know if this was due to the recent restructuring but the fact is they have no Trade mark for elcamino in Canada

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