SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 21st

Feb 21 2013

And the award for best use of a 99 cent domain goes to………This guy for registering Guy Fieri’s restaurant name and putting his own menu up.  Fine, fine work. Here are today’s names and the daily quote.

“Time is the friend of the wonderful business, the enemy of the mediocre”  -Warren Buffet No bidders. 12 years old. I like any name that is short and has the words tap or thumb in it. The app guys love them. And I do every morning A towing company that starts with J would be smart to own this one A PR3 with 2400 visitors a month Have to admit I’m not going to forget this one

Smoking Hot Savings! $2.95 .COM from!  17 years old.  A flexible savings account for medical expenses.  I have  one and person is probably selling because Obama.  Damn Obama 🙂  You’ll have to give up your wages to buy this one  HD is the driver here  Somebody from Maine is going to want this.  Maybe BOTH residents  I heard that Dallas is changing their name to the raccoons because the gay website thing.   I use this term all the time.  “Now that’s an understatement ”  Good letters here.  Stupid People For Drugs   I think it will cross $1000  Prononouceable short brand   No bidders tons of Google ads    Good business name or charity organization


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