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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 25th

I didn’t list any, but I’ll throw Sedo a bone and remind you there is an auction ending today.  An auction that if I were a seller I would be VERY upset because they make no effort to publicize their auctions.  Not one ad or reminder anywhere.  They want to make their commission without spending a dime.  A business model we all wish we could have but one that won’t last much longer.  Here are today’s names The kind of names that I keeping bidding on and losing. It doesn’t help that I put them here.  I have one. It sweeps my carpet. I call her Rumba I would think this would be a perfect name for a dot info. For $12 you could do a lot worse. Memorable name for people that do floor plans, design plans, or landscaping plans. Oh wait, I do landscaping plans.  I don’t know why I thought there weren’t going to be very many bidders.  Plenty of uses for this one.  13 years old  Home School Ancillary Program will be all over this one  Yeah I see angler too.  But then again I just had fish for dinner  We may be getting closer to the day when a tow truck company will instantly respond to an email or text  No 4s so this one should do well  I’ll guess that this one ends at $680  I figured you would like this one.   You guys love curse words  Good name for a site that lists dropping domains  I’ll start a clothing line and my first shirt will say ” I knew she was Mrs. Right, I just didn’t know her first name was Always.

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  1. Shane – Not to appear that I’m supporting Sedo, but they did email account holders (only SedoPRO, perhaps?) about the “GreatDomains” auction. The email featured some domains and prompted via a link to visit the full inventory. I believe I received 2 such emails between Oct. 17 and Oct. 24.

  2. I remember the good old time when Sedo dominated domain market, but after they changed the simple web interface to the bloated new one, decline begins. ((

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