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Name I’ve Sold Recently

After posting which names I’ve purchased recently I receive a few emails asking which names I’ve sold.  Three of my top 10 sales happen to be under a gentleman’s agreement not to say price or name but here are some recent sales that come to mind.  Some were at auctions, some privately.  It’s been my best year ever and it’s a result of a few things. One, I started with Internet Traffic this year. The leads have led to several sales and I brokered them all myself, meaning I get to keep everything except for taxes.  Two, I got some great prices on my sales at Namejet. I put up what I thought were strong names and they did even better than I expected.  Three, my quality of names is increasing.  Add that to the fact and I have cashed out on some names I had kept for 3 or 4 years.  I figured I’d take good profit instead of waiting for great profit. It was better than sitting on no profit.  I have or will be investing half back into names, and half into development.

6432 .com $1.5K +

4630. com $800+

4117. com $1.5K +

Gy. net $9K +

Obo. co  ( is still available from the package if anyone is interested) $300+

FloridaHomeLoan. com $3K +

Joosi. com $2K +

Powerfile. com   (Below all under $1K)

Bogame. com

GGHD. com

Ripens. com

Vegax. com

HigherCourt. com

Dumpo .com

The prices were all over the board for these names but they all had one thing in common,  profit was made on every sale.  If the prices are a little off I apologize. I’m doing this from memory.

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  1. Do you think you would have gotten the same inquiries if you were not on Internet Traffic for the names (Giant For Sale Page)? How do they add inquiry value (not click revenue)? I thought/read it is all typed in traffic? Thanks

  2. Thanks Shane, I appreciate you sharing that info. Are you able to divulge which sales came from which platform (ie. Internettraffic vs Namejet)??
    Just looking for patterns.

  3. Nothing better than posting a comment in a bloggers comments section and coming back days later to find a post about a comment you left. Shane – thanks for sharing this info and for caring about your readership. Maybe others will follow suit. I won’t mention names 🙂 Yet

  4. Thanks, for taking the time to share sales, full disclosure is always good. If you are going to talk about it, discuss it, good to put everything out on the table. Unlike that other blog, which writes fake headlines, to get pageviews.

  5. WeBuy,

    Last time I checked, good questions should get good answers. I will admit I got a ton of junk emails asking me to buy their names or evaluate their portfolios after this post.

  6. Respect! Shane, do you take an active approach – basically contacting potential end users? Or just wait for leads to come? Thanks for sharing!

  7. Shane,
    Good Work!
    What was your greatest learning lessons when you completed all these sales? What could you have done differently?

    Thanks for sharing.

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