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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 27th

I’m trying to build up my miles to 90 miles a week to prepare for the NY Marathon.  To pass the time I go out “Strava Busting”.  I don’t know if any of you have used the app Strava but its basically a biking or running app that lets you make routes and records the times using the gps on your phone.  It assigns that time to you and then other people can try and beat that time on that same route.  It marks all these challenges on the map so you can see if there is one near you.  You simply find one.  Find the start and the finish and run it.   The top time is the king of the mountain for that run and their is a list of the others that have run it and their time.  Like a video game high score but you actually have to physically do it.  Today has some great names.  Especially over at Flippa.  Here are today’s names.

“Time is a created thing.   To say, ‘I don’t have time’  is to say, ‘I don’t want to.'” -Lao Tzu  A PR 4 and you won’t find a better dot info for a domain investor out there   Federer has another fantastic info for sale.   Says its the best dot info in the world and I can’t say I disagree Can’t do wrong with a 17 year old There’s a lot of money in T-Shirts if you have a market Sounds like one of those tv commercials about starving artist. Good buy IMO for under $25. 15 years old Not huge value but no bidders and I like the sound of it. Would make a nice brand A PR5 but I like the name by itself if it were a little cheaper. Still not a bad price for a PR5

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It has TV in it which puts it over $10K in my opinion   I thought I was going to get a good deal on this one and then I saw how many bidders it already had   I’m guessing this isn’t a photo album of kids playing in the dirt ” I’m gonna…. lick lick lick ya til I get to your toes, and I’m gonna ”  Name that tune   I like anything that has training in it  It’s not going to help my hair loss but the hair I have sure will be stronger .  It’s a real product, my wife actually uses it and she’s got real purty hair  At least your friends wouldn’t lip this  I learned something new today.  NY is on water… just kidding,  some of my favorite beaches are in NY…..just kidding again  Solid name.  Flippa has really become a place for solid domains Three letter dot nets have increased in value in the last year. I think it continues

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